Daz Lounge is an adult themed lounge and hangout for over 18’s based in Second Life. Built by Alek and Lexi Zane (real life husband and wife) with an ambition to create a relaxing, safe place with a chilled vibe for everybody to enjoy, no matter who you are.

We have a strong focus on positivity, wellness. With a passion for music and having a good time. Unlike other adult spots where the key goal is to simply play with each other. We strongly encourage you to get to know each other through real conversations. But of course play is encouraged when you feel the urge!

We know some places can be toxic. Too many have strict rules in regards to avatar requirements, dress, gender and orientation. We have an open invitation to everybody to join us and have fun!

It doesn’t matter to us how you identify or the kind of lifestyle you follow. Give us a try, we sure you will enjoy your visit.

We only have a few DAZ Lounge rules, we just ask that you read them. This way everyone can get along and have fun without stepping on each others toes!

Cum to play, stay for the music!

With our large open lounge space, central dance floor and lots of BDSM and adult furniture placed around. You can hangout, watch girls dancing round a pole or partake in some of that naughty play.

This is a place where you can chill with your friends, chat round the dance floor or listen to the music from our DJ’s.

Or selection of adult furniture consists of, Darkfold, Cuming Soon, Warm Animations, Dictatorshop, Debauchery, Lalou, Slam and more…

Daz Rules

No harassment or trolling.
No child avatars or age play.
No biting or bloodlines.

Keep the peace, love & respect.